Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Critical Geography Study Group

Dr. Reuben Rose-Redwood, Dr. Wendy Jepson, and Dr. Tina Mangieri would like to invite graduate students and faculty to participate in an informal study group that will examine the philosophical underpinnings of recent scholarship in critical geography. The aim of the Study Group is to provide a forum to read and discuss classic and contemporary texts that engage with critical approaches to studying space, place, and the environment. We will begin by reading selections from Foucault's Security, Territory, Population (2007), Crampton and Elden's Space, knowledge and Power (2007), and Agrawal's Environmentality (2005). Subsequent readings will explore other approaches to critical geography, drawing upon a broad range of theoretical perspectives and empirical content. We plan to start out by meeting once every two weeks (or once a month depending on the level of interest). If you are interested in participating, send an email to Dr. Rose-Redwood at Once we have a sense of the level of interest, we will then decide an appropriate time to meet that fits everyone's schedule.