Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Obermann Center and Center for the Book Seminar

FYI due Jan. 30
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In summer 2008, the Obermann Center in collaboration with the Center for the Book will offer participants an exciting new research opportunity by bringing book artists and medieval scholars together in a two-week seminar that integrates scholarly study and engaged artistic practice. We welcome applications from book artists with demonstrated interest in medieval production techniques and from scholars of the Middle Ages whose study of manuscripts would most benefit from intimate, engaged materialist knowledge of the book. We encourage applicants from a broad range of disciplines that rely on manuscripts. Scholars in art history, history, languages, literature, musicology, and religion are encouraged to apply. Our objective is to advance scholarship of the medieval disciplines through an informed understanding of material manuscript evidence.Applications should demonstrate that a participant will bring topics of interest and importance to the seminar that would clearly benefit from a greater understanding of the physical nature of a single manuscript.