Tuesday, December 4, 2007

NIAS Fellowhips

FYI due March 1
For more information visit(http://www.nias.knaw.nl/en/fellowships/regular_fellowships/).

Information for scholars from outside the Netherlands: NIAS Fellows are selected from prominent researchers and senior scholars in the humanities and social sciences who have already made a significant contribution to their field. Scholarly achievements, reputation and quality of publications are aspects considered in the
evaluation process.

Fellows from universities or institutes outside the Netherlands receive financial
stipends, which are determined by the Rector on the basis of individual circumstances. NIAS strives to ensure a reasonable level of support, but the stipend
may not always be sufficient. Fellows are responsible for supplementing their means
of support. The maximum stipend that NIAS can award does not exceed half the gross
annual salary of a university professor of equal rank and seniority in the
Netherlands. In practice, this means that full financial stipends range from
approximately € 2000 to € 4100 per month.

Free accomodation is offered to unaccompanied fellows and housing at subsidised
rates to fellows who bring their partners or families. Accomodation is offered in
apartments on NIAS grounds and family homes in Wassenaar.

Please note, that NIAS is a residential institute and that regular fellowships are
awarded for advanced research during a full academic year, running from 1 September
till 30 June, although a five-month period is also possible. NIAS does not provide
fellowships for training programmes or educational purposes. Nor does it offer
courses, or financial support to conduct research elsewhere.