Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CCWH Catherine Prelinger Scholarship

FYI due March 26
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The Coordinating Council for Women in History is pleased to announce it will accept applications for the tenth CCWH Catherine Prelinger Award Scholarship of $20,000 which will be awarded to a scholar of excellence by July 1, 2008. This award, named for Catherine Prelinger, a former CCWH president and nontraditional scholar, is intended to enhance the work of a contemporary scholar whose academic path has not followed the traditional path of uninterrupted study, moving from completed secondary, to undergraduate, then graduate degrees, followed by a tenure-track faculty position. These funds were granted to CCWH by an anonymous donor in honor of the many years of work this organization has devoted to exploring women’s history, encouraging opportunities for women in the historical profession, and in educating young women to pursue careers in the historical profession. This award is intended to enhance the ability of the recipient to carry on these CCWH traditions through contributions to women in history, either through scholarly or professional activity.

Eligible applicants must be members of CCWH and must hold either A.B.D. status or the Ph.D. at the time of application. They shall be actively engaged in scholarship that is historical in nature, although the degree may be in related fields. Applicants will show evidence of a nontraditional professional career and describe a project that will further enhance women’s roles in history. The Prelinger Committee encourages applications from independent and non-academic scholars. Application guidelines and forms can be found on the CCWH website: For further information, contact Nupur Chaudhuri, e-mail: