Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Franklin Research Grants (for Travel for Research Purposes)

The American Philisophical Society is pleased to announce the Franklin Research Grants program which is particularly designed to help meet the costs of travel to libraries and archives for research purposes; the purchase of microfilm, photocopies, or equivalent research materials; the costs associated with fieldwork; or laboratory research expenses. Franklin grants are made for noncommercial research. Applicants are expected to have a doctorate or to have published work of doctoral character and quality. The Society is particularly interested in supporting the work of young scholars who have recently received their PhDs. American citizens and residents of the United States may use their Franklin awards at home or abroad. Foreign nationals must use their Franklin awards for research in the United States. Applicants who have received Franklin grants may reapply after an interval of two years.
Funding is offered up to a maximum of $6,000 for use in calendar year 2009.

Due October 1, 2008, for a January 2009 decision for work in February through December
Due December 1, 2008, for a March 2009 decision for work in April through December

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