Monday, September 15, 2008

Newberry Library Short-Term Fellowships

Short-term fellowships are generally restricted to post-doctoral scholars, Ph.D. candidates, or holders of other terminal degrees from outside of the Chicago area who have a specific need for Newberry collections; some fellowships, however, are open to other categories of applicants and Chicago residents. The tenure of short-term fellowships varies from one week to two months, unless otherwise noted under the award description. A majority of fellowships will be for one month or less. Unless otherwise noted, the amount of the award is $1600 per month, pro-rated for shorter periods. Twelve different fellowships are offered with differing subject matters and requirements including Short-Term Fellowships in Irish and Irish-American Studies and Short-Term Fellowship in the History of Cartography.

Due March 2, 2009 (unless otherwise noted)

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