Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fellowships at Digital Humanities

NEH Fellowships at Digital Humanities Centers (FDHC) support collaboration between digital centers and individual scholars. An award provides funding for both a stipend for the fellow and a portion of the center’s costs for hosting a fellow. Awards are for periods of six to twelve months of continuous full-time research. The intellectual cooperation between the fellow and the center may take many different forms and may involve humanities scholars of any level of digital expertise. Fellows may work exclusively on their own projects in consultation with center staff, collaborate on projects with other scholars affiliated with the center, function as “apprentices” on existing digital center projects, or any combination of these. Awards support projects at any stage of development. FDHC grants are made to digital humanities centers and, therefore, a staff member of the digital humanities center must serve as the project director. Prospective fellows must apply through a digital center. Centers may submit one application per deadline; individual scholars may apply in collaboration with only one digital center per deadline. Scholars are eligible, regardless of their institutional affiliation. Current staff members of the applicant center may not, however, be proposed as fellows. Providing Access to Grant Products As a taxpayer-supported federal agency, NEH endeavors to make the products of its grants available to the broadest possible audience. Our goal is for scholars, educators, students, and the American public to have ready and easy access to the wide range of NEH grant products. All other considerations being equal, NEH gives preference to projects that provide free access to the public.

Due September 15

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