Monday, October 26, 2009

Whatcom Museum of History and Art - Jacobs Research Funds

Jacobs Research Funds is a grant program supporting anthropological research on the indigenous peoples of Canada, Mexico, mainland United States, including Alaska, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. Grants are given for work on problems in: language, social organization, political organization, religion, mythology, music, other arts, psychology and folk science. There are three categories of Jacobs Funds grants. Individual Grants support research projects administered by a single investigator on a focused problem (maximum award is $3000). Group Grants support work by two or more researchers who will be cooperating on the same or similar projects (maximum award is $6000). Kinkade Grants support projects requiring an intense period of fieldwork, such as research leading to a major work such as a dictionary, collection of texts, etc. (maximum award is $9000).

Due February 15, 2009

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