Wednesday, February 11, 2009

UCLA Team Creates Virtual Library of Medieval Manuscripts

The UCLA-based Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts links to nearly 1,000 manuscripts by 193 authors in 20 languages from 59 libraries around the world, allowing users to flit from England to France to Switzerland to the United States with the click of a mouse. Highlights of the virtual holdings include: The largest surviving collection of the works of Christine de Pizan, one of the first women in Europe to earn a living as a writer. An Irish copy of the Gospel of John, and the Junius manuscript, to name a few. Employing a Web application designed by the Center for Digital Humanities, the Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts allows users to search for manuscripts according to their author, title, language and archiving institution. So far, the effort has been funded by UCLA's Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and the University of California's Humanities Research Institute.

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